Here are the Entry Forms
for registration to Rally Albania 2016.
Go to the buttons below for making the registration in the Category
intending to participate and fill then the
Online Form.
For more questions email to:
Online Form
Online Form
Online Form
Online Form
Online Form
After filling the Entry Form,
you will get soon an confirmation email with the next steps to
complete the registration process.

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Rally Albania 2016 is a Bivouac/Hotel based Rally.
The racing fee NOT include the accommodation.
Hotels will be booked separately.
80% of Entry Fee is REFUNDABLE until May 1, 2016.
20% of the fee is NOT refundable.
The payment have to be done ONLY by bank transfer,
(possibility with the option of three rates).
The first  20% is compulsory for the Entry Form
to be taken in consideration.
The second 40% have to be done maximum two months
after the confirmation of the registration.
The last part have to be done until June 1, 2016.
- administrative fee
- all papers, race numbers and bivouac entry bracelet
- road book
- assistance road map and GPS assistance track  
- sporting charges
- accommodation on bivouac with facilities
- bivouac team space
- damaged vehicle recovery to the next bivouac
- on track and bivouac medical assistance
- civil liability motor insurance valid for seven days
- tracking system
- transportation of luggages from bivouac to bivouac
- fuel
- travels to go and leave the rally
- individual life insurance
- food
- visas and border fees
- accommodation in the hotel
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MOTOSPORT CLUB ALBANIA   Rruga "Gjergj Balsha", Nr. 6,  Tirana-Albania   Tel: 00355 42 241 372,  Mobile:+355 69 20 52 391,   Nipt: K62302011K
There will be three type of ASSISTANCES

1- Assistance covered by Organization

- Vehicle and driver recovery from the accident point
to the next bivouac, by the
Sweeper Truck.
- Transport of cases with tools and spare parts from bivouac to bivouac.
- Transport of clothes, bags and other stuff from bivouac to bivouac.

CARS and Side by Side Vehicles:
- Tow of the vehicle from the incident point
to the nearest asphalt (when its possible).
- Transport of damaged vehicle from the asphalt to next bivouac
or back to Tirana by Tow-Truck
(with additional payment).
- Transport of clothes, bags and other stuff from bivouac to bivouac.

2- Assistance Private Teams

There are several Teams that will offer mechanical
and other assistance in Rally Albania 2016.
More details and contacts on private offers from these
can be found on th ebottom of the page and have to be contacted privately.

3- Team and Individual Assistance

Any other independent personal assistance car, van or mechanic
that will be registered in Rally Albania Registration page
and have all the rights to enter and stay inside the bivouacs.

These teams will be provided with the
GPS Track/Maps and Assistance Points during the stages.

is a bivouac based rally,
with hotel facilities near all the four bivouacs.

The transport of people and assistance crews
through entire rally days will be done only in one of the ways below:

- Race Track
All the participant will drive strictly this route.
On-track assistance vehicles also.

- Assistance Route
Only the registered assistance vehicles will take from
the Organisation the Special Route and assistance points in GPS (.gpx)
format and the respective Assistance Road Map.

- Transfer Asphalt Route
All the Assistance Rally Caravan, assistance bivouac teams
and logistics, will travel through the shortest asphalt route from one
bivouac to the next bivouac.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Organization will transport free of charge all the luggage, cases with
spare parts and other items of participants without personal
assistance, from one bivouac to the other.

All the participants willing to have this service have to contact
Rally Administration until
1 June 2016.
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The Organization will do the best
on preventing accidents or reduce the severity of them by:
- Advising low speeds on difficult tracks.
- Advising invisible danger points.
- Providing accurate RoadBook where the dangers will be clearly highlighted.

But this will work only if every competitor helps himself, first;  
and the whole organization, second:
- Don't drive faster than your personal "comfort zone"
- If you drive faster than this, the risk of an accident increases dramatically.
- Remember that you are in remote area of an remote Balkan country.
- Study carefully your RoadBook in dangerous sections and consider the nature of danger.
- Don’t follow other drivers without properly navigating.

If an accident happens, fast action also depends on you.
- Use your mobile phone (more than 90% of the tracks have good coverage) to call us.
- The emergency numbers can be found on the back of your Time Card.
- Give us a description for the type and severity of the accident, also the nearest RoadBook point.
- If there is no coverage, drive in the direction of the next checkpoint until you have good coverage or you reach the CP.

In order to have the best chances of rescue and assistance for yourself
and others, it is important that your security equipment be always complete
and your mobile phone be switched on during driving.

To be able to provide a fast and high level of medical assistance, we have:
- Two well equipped off road ambulances.
- Doctors at every Special Section finish.
- Doctors in moto on the track.
- Road Ambulances at the nearest point of asphalt.
- One helicopter stand-by for severe accidents.

In the case of a serious accident,
our team will try to get you in hospital by air.
Remember that we are NOT in desert and the typology of Albanian terrain
makes in difficulty landing of the helicopter everywhere.

There's no type of insurance or medical team that can prevent you from having accident.
But don't forget your Insurance can only cover the costs of hospital help and medical team can assist you in other cases.

Ultimately, the prevention of accidents is in your hands.
- Always drive carefully and at a safe speed that is suitable for your skill level.
- Don't forget these safety points:
- Expect the unexpected at all times on the track; traffic, animals, people, woodcuters, other participants,etc.
- Make sure you can always stop in time in case of the unexpected.
- You must obey the local traffic regulations and local traffic psychology....
- You must slow down for people and animals.

Cost of medical help
The treatment of smaller injuries in the bivouac will be covered by the Rally Albania Organization.
For the more complex treatments, diagnoses or chirurgical intervention, please read the obligatory medical insurance
and choose you level of coverage (minimum cost is 20 Euro for 8 days of the event).