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Rally Albania Organization set as absolute priority

the safety of the competitors, public and its orga personel.




The Organization do everything possible

to limit the risks as much as possible.


Every year all the processes related to safety are reviewed

in order to be always in the top of service for keeping the sport safe and pleasure.

In 2024 Edition the safety service

will be improved more and in details:

> Two 4x4 Specialised Ambulances.


> Stand by Road Ambulance.

> Stand by Helicopter for severe accidents.

> Paramedics on the track assistance vehicles.

> Opening the route Team and sweeper vehicle.

> 24/24 Double Tracking System.


...and more!

The Organization will do the best

on preventing accidents or reduce the severity of them by:

- Advising low speeds on difficult tracks.

- Advising invisible danger points.

- Providing accurate RoadBook where the dangers will be clearly highlighted.


But this will work only if every competitor helps himself, first;  

and the whole organization, second:

- Don't drive faster than your personal "comfort zone"

- If you drive faster than this, the risk of an accident increases dramatically.

- Remember that you are in remote area of an remote Balkan country.

- Study carefully your RoadBook in dangerous sections and consider the nature of danger.

- Don’t follow other drivers without properly navigating.


If an accident happens, fast action also depends on you.

- Use your mobile phone (more than 90% of the tracks have good coverage) to call us.

- The emergency numbers can be found on the back of your Time Card.

- Give us a description for the type and severity of the accident, also the nearest RoadBook point.

- If there is no coverage, drive in the direction of the next checkpoint until you have good coverage.


In the case of a serious accident our team will try to get you in hospital by air.

Remember that we are NOT in desert and the typology of Albanian terrain

makes in difficulty landing of the helicopter everywhere.



There's no type of insurance or medical team that can prevent you from having accident.

But don't forget your Insurance can only cover the costs of hospital help

and medical team can assist you in other cases.


Ultimately, the prevention of accidents is in your hands.

- Always drive carefully and at a safe speed that is suitable for your skill level.

- Don't forget these safety points:

- Expect the unexpected at all times on the track; traffic, animals, people, other participants, etc.

- Make sure you can always stop in time in case of the unexpected.

- You must obey the local traffic regulations and local traffic psychology....

- You must slow down for people and animals.


Cost of medical help

The treatment of smaller injuries in the bivouac will be covered by the Rally Albania Organization.

For the more complex treatments, diagnoses or chirurgical intervention, please have the obligatory medical insurance from your insurance covering company.




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